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מונית גדולה עם 6 מקומות לנסיעות ברחבי הארץ


Big taxis to& from the airport * 6-19 seats * luxury vehicles

Professionalism. LoyaltyAviilblity.

מונית גדולה בעלת ריפודי עור נוחים וחדשניים לנסיעה בטוחה ונוחה

About Big Taxi V.I.P

A Big luxurious taxi with 6-19 seats

Big Taxi VIP - provide a perfect service, a safe, luxurious and comfortable ride, with professional drivers, a fair price and a driving experience throughout the country, a shuttle service at attractive prices for any purpose: family trips and events, shuttles for business people, shuttles for large companies, large taxis To Benghazi and Benghazi throughout the country.

With us you will enjoy a variety of payment methods such as: cash, credit and Bit.

All you have to do is contact us and we will immediately be at your service

תמונת תדמית של מונית גדולה לנסיעות ארוכות

Big taxis 24/6

Taxi with 6-19 seatsTransportation in Israel ● Taxis all over the country.

-Enjoy advanced transportation services at the highest level!-

ביג טקסי ויאיפי מונית גדולה לרחבי הארץ מונית גדולה לנסיעה שטה ונוחה

Taxi services from the center

A large taxi to Jerusalem and the surrounding areas, the central cities, Eilat and the north

תמונת נושא בן גוריון שדה התעופה

Transportation from& to the airport

Shuttles to Ben Gurion Airport and from there to other parts of the country.

אנשים המתארים שירות לעסקים וחברות גדולות מונית גדולה 6-19 מקומות

Large groups 6-19

Transportation for large groups and families, for events, trips, large companies and business services

נהג שפותח את דלת הרכב לנוסע - תמונת תדמית לשירות ויאיפי

VIP service

Clean, luxurious and spacious vehicles for large groups


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A Transport from the Airport

A Transport to the Airport

How It Works?

They rate us on Google and the networks, leave a recommendation on the site and help us improve and spread the service.

We arrive with a large taxi suitable for groups of 6-19 people and drive you to the point you have chosen.

Tell us about the trip

Fill out a form on the website and tell us about the trip, the number of passengers, date and pick-up point.


"Hello everyone, the driver is very fluent and drives carefully, a good friend and person  provides excellent service. Highly recommend."

Einat Issachar.

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